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We created our photo sharing app Sexy Selfies as a platform for all to post

and share their Sexy side, whether you're feeling awesome about your fitness achievements or want to show off your hot new outfit! 


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Sharing your sexy posts with people around the world has never been more fun

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Connect with people by sending friend requests

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You can view your friends connections and connect with them as well

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The place where likes matter, getting more likes will pay off

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So easy it’s sinful, simply tap on the magnifying icon and type in someones name, find them and send a connect request!

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  • View your connect requests profile before you accept

  • Once connected you are able to DM your new connection

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Easily set your search filters in our settings section

Filter by Age range
Filter by male, female or both
Set Push Notifications to ON

Make sure you don't leave your connection requests hanging

If you want to see selfies of people in a certain age range

If you only want to see selfies of girls or guys


Are you an Influencer?

Make money by charging access to your posts.

Influencers that have 5000 connections or more have the option to be approved to charge access to their posts. 

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